Thursday, December 28, 2006

Long overdue...

Yeah, I know. I've been terribly slack lately. And because of my slackness and crap memory, I'll prob leave heaps of stuff out of this entry. Nevermind. Here we go...

So I'll start with the most recent things. Christmas - it was really nice this year. It was very hectic, but I enjoyed it. I had to work Christmas Eve, but afterwards I went to my uncle's house as my dad's family celebrate Christmas eve with a big dinner. I missed on the food obviously, but it was good to catch up with my Melbournian cousins for a couple of hours. Christmas morning we (Alice, Lucy, Sam and myself) woke up quite early and all had showers and stuff before we did the presents. I can quite happily say that I was quite spoiled this year. I got an awse non-stick fry pan, very nice bathroom towels, cutlery, books, chocolates and money. Yes, I know alot of that stuff was qutie domesticated, but I guess that's just where I am in life at the moment, and I'm loving it!! I got Al a fishing rod (as well as one for myself) and a fondue set, so really my presents to her were for me also. Hehe.

After opening the pressies, Alice and I went to my mums to exchange gifts with her and Dana. We then went to breakfast at my auntie's house. That was your typical woggy affair - tonnes of food, tonnes of shouting, and a bit of arguing. I like it. I ate a little too much there, and we had to quickly leave to go to Alice's aunties for lunch. That was really nice, but I couldn't eat alot because of stupid breakfast. Hmm, this is dragging on quite a bit. Ok, quickly now. Dinner was spent at Alice's dad's house, which was very quiet and nice. I was in bed by 11:30 completely buggered, but crazy party girl Alice went across the road to party for a few hours. All in all it was a very nice day.

I'm really struggling to think of what else has been going on. The weather has been quite shitty lately. Too cold for my liking. Take Christmas day - it usually is quite warm, around the 30's, but this year the top was 20. Bloody rediculous if you ask me. But by the end of this week it's going to hear up again, which I'm really looking forward to.

Alice and I are going down to Yorke Peninsula for new years eve to Holly's parents farm, so we're really excited about having a couple of days to just laze around and do nothing. We have to come back on Tuesday, but then we have to go back the following weekend for a wedding. Not that I'm complaining about the wedding, but it's a kinda long drive for twice in a week. Oh well, such is life. :)

Health is going along alright. I ran out of meds a week or so ago, and started to get a bit more productive, which wasn't fun. But I made sure to get some more drugs, and now things have cleared up again. :)

Meh, this entry is crap. I can't be bothered trying to remember things and make this more coherent. All I can do is try to do better next time. :)

Rating: 7.2

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Friday, December 08, 2006

Weddings, the beach, trials and fondue

me and the bride and groom
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Well, once again I have left it too long to write, so I have heaps to tell everyone about.

We'll start with the highlight - last Sunday I was invited to a Christmas lunch with some very close friends of mine Alex and Monica. There was only a few of us, as well as their parents. After hanging around in their apartment for a little while, there was a knock at the door and a woman who none of us had met before walked in with a book in her hand. Yep, she was a celebrant. The sneaky buggers had ditched their plan of getting married in April next year and decided to spring a surprise wedding on us all.

So the ceremony was very nice indeed, with lots of bubble making its way around the room. Then of course there was the food, the REAL reason I was there ;). But it was so good to see them finally tie the know (they have been together for 7 years since high school) and it's awesome to have another couple of friends who I can say are married. It did make me think about my own situation with Alley as well... to those who know us know that marriage is something we CONSTANTLY talk about, so much to the point that it's quite rediculous as we have planned out everything, even though I haven't actually proposed yet. Eh, one day... hehe.

On Wednesday I decided to go for a bit of a scoot to the beach since it was such a nice day outside. I drove down to Brighton since I hadn't been there this year yet, and it was just awesome. I forget how good the beaches are here so close to the city. I walked out on the jetty and had a bit of a ol yarn with an old fisherman there and while we were talking we saw a dolphin swim casually past. Really nice like... although something not quite as nice is that there have been quite alot of shark sightings already. Some just metres off the shores at Brighton, Glenelg and West Beach (for those who aren't aware, they're the metropolitan beaches). But it's really made me want to go fishing again. Haven't done it for YEARS and I think it would be a really nice and relaxing thing to do this summer.

I have also started to participate in a gastro trial thing. Basically I think the jist of it is to measure how quickly someone with cf digests things. My first day involved fasting from 10pm the previous night, going in at 8:30 in the morning, drinking a glucose drink, then sitting in front of a machine for 3 hours (i had a little break every hour). After that we went to another room where I had to stay in there for another 3 hours. All the while of this sitting I had to have 10mls of blood taken every 15 mins.

Luckily I could bring in Charlotte so I could pass the time watching NCIS, Simpsons, Robot Chicken and Scrubs. AND I get paid for it. So there are 2 more days left, where I get to eat packet mash potato and then test to see how long that takes to go through my system - both with and without Creon (my pancreatic enzymes that I have to take whenever I eat).

We also hosted another dinner the other night with Peter, Trudy, Kate and Wayne. We were quite excited as we were doing fondue... mmmmmm, soooo good!!! However, as usual, it wasn't the smoothest of evenings. Wayne was the first casualty of the night, having stabbed his hand with the fondue prongs things. Quite badly actually... but it wsa his first time, so you can't blame him. Last time we did fondue I managed to do the honours... it just happens.

Anyway, so after we fixed all that, Kate had started to feel a bit queasy. She had been stung by a bee a few days before, which has really swelled up quite nicely. After being a bit sick, we thought it be best to take her to the hospital to make sure that there was nothing seriously wrong with her. After their departure, Alice, Pete, Trudy and me finished off our fondue evening with the dessert fondue.

It was an awesome evening - despite the obvious casualties that had occured. Hey, it's fondue. Something's bound to happen.

So I think that's it... since it's going to be 38 today, I think I'm gonna make another trip down to the beach. But I'll make sure to get some sunscreen this time so I don't burn up like last time. Idiot. Tonight is John Woods cd launch at the Grace Emily, so that should be a great night. He also won the dB's readers awards for best solo male artist. Woot!!

And then tomorrow night Taasha and Trsistan from The Audreys are doing an acoustic thingy at the Wheaty, so I'll try to get along to that. They also won an award for dB, as the best band. So go them.

I guess I better mention something about my health - I ran out of hypertonic saline and ventolin a few days ago, and have already noticed a slight increase of cough and productivity. So I'll make sure to get some more today, as I really don't wanna get sick again. But apart from that little niggle, I'm not feeling too bad at all. Still gotta do more exercise, but you're all used to me saying that so I won't feel too bad. ;)

Rating: 7.5

What I'm listening to: The Audreys - Between Last Night and Us