Friday, February 24, 2006

The post you all thought was coming yesterday...

Ok. So here I am. It's 2:03pm, I'm sitting at work and have just finished watching a doco called Grizzly Man. It's about a guy that used to live with grizzly bears, and eventually started to think that he was one. Then he got eaten by one. Very interesting. I thoroughly recommend you check it out when it becomes available. Anyway, so what's been happening in the life of Jaan?

Well, I guess one kinda interesting piece of news is that on Monday it was my birthday. This year was really weird - I wasn't really that excited about it and kept forgetting that it was actually coming up. Maybe that's because this was the first year that I didn't have a party planned to look forward to. But it was a great day nonetheless. Very chilled. Had lunch and dinner with Alice. I got a tent. I got an awse board game that is basically like Balderdash but with completely random useless facts. I know some of you will understand my excitedness with this game... I also got a ticket to Womad, which I'm terribly happy for since that means that I don't have to fork out the money to go (something that I'm running quite low on at the moment...).

I've also been doing lots and lots of exercise. When the weather permits, I've been blading around the place, trying to not stack it. When I can't be bothered doing that, my bike is getting a good run. And when I can arrange it, there are squash games to be had. All very good, but it has led to some other little annoyances. Since I'm doing so much exercise, my lungs are getting a bit better, which is great, but because of all the coughing, I'm getting quite persistant headaches. I'm also getting quite sore joint pains and my back is starting to play up a bit. But I guess they are just other things I have to deal with and another side affect of being healthy. But it's not going to stop me trying to get better. For the first time in ages I'm actually starting to feel good without antibiotics running through my body.

And of course there is the Fringe. Very much looking forward to that. Along with Lano and Woodley, there is this guy that I wanna see that apparantly bends spoons and stuff with his mind and reads people's thoughts. Should be great fun. The opening parade is tonight also, but as I type this it is absolutely pouring outside, so I don't know how crap that will be.

Another little bit of news I wanna let you all know about; a dear friend of mine from school, Dichen Lachman, is making her mark on Australian tv. She is the new girl on Neighbours and I strongly suggest you check her out. You won't have too much trouble picking her out - she is the absolutely stunning half Tibetan chick reaking havoc with Carl and Susan. She is also in an upcoming movie, Aquamarine, so do keep your little peep holes out for that one.

I think that just about coveres it all... probably not, but I forget things so too bad. As I mentioned before, health is going along alright. Starting to feel a bit stronger, and I hope that only continues as I get fitter.

Rating: 6.9

What I'm listening to: Triple M (I've been working ALOT)

p.s. I've added a few new pics so go and check em out. They are colourful.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

New post

Sorry for the slackness all. I mean, I have been slack. I'm not denying that. But also there has been NOTHING going on that I think is worth telling. But anyway, since some of you have been pestering me to tell you all the great big nothingness in my life, I will do so. But not tonight... Sorry. I just finished work, so it's kinda late, and I wanna watch a movie. So I've decided tomorrow's going to be the day where I write it all down for you to read (while I'm at work).

So this is just a teaser. Think of it as a trailer for a lame movie where they put all the good bits in to get you to watch it but when you do you realise how lame it really is and wish you just stuck to the trailer and thought the movie was actually going to be alright...

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

What stuff has been going on?

It's been quite a while since my last post, and I have no excuse for that. Slackness has once again played its part in my life. I haven't really been doing that much though. Nevermind, I'll tell you all about my nothingness anyway.

A couple things worthy of note... the Big Day Out was on last Friday, and contrary to how I thought it would be, I actually had a pretty good day. I got the ticket as a Christmas present, and if it wasn't for that, I doubt I would have bought one. Anyway, so I went around lunchtime and spent the first couple hours at the local stage, which I was quite surprised to see people I knew in most of the bands playing there. So that was entertaining. I then spent the next few hours walking from stage to stage listening to a few songs by each band before moving on. Saw some of Sarah Blasko, who played really well. The Casio Brothers always put on a great show. The Living End played alright, not that I'm a big fan at all. But then it came time to go to the Green stage to see the end of Henry Rollins' stand up routine before The Mars Volta took to the stage. Rollins was (as usual) very entertaining and had a full crowd to hear his banter.

So he finished, I took my position near the front and before long The Mars Volta came on stage. I won't go on about the show in detail, except to say that it was the best performance I have seen from them (and this was the 5th time of doing so). The highlight though was when they played Frances the Mute, which I had never heard live before. It rocked the place down. Very nice. And the crowd was great as well. No idiots landing on other people's heads. Twas good stuff. I did wonder though why they didn't get a spot on the main stage. Weird... and because of that, their time totally clashed with Iggy, so I didn't get to see him at all. And get this - The Mars Volta played half an hour longer that Iggy! What's with that?? Ah, I don't know... But yes, that was definitely the highlight of the day. After that, I went to the main stage to see a couple of songs by The White Stripes, but left soon after. They just didn't do it for me.

So that was Friday. The day before I made another purchase to help me get fitter. I bought some rollerblades. I got the urge while in Canada and since I didn't have a bike (as it was being fixed) I thought I needed another form of transport. So I invested in some lovely ones, and while I'm still not that great, I can at least get from point A to point B without causing too much damage to myself. But gimme a couple weeks and I'll be carving up the streets something chronic!

Not alot else that I can remember off the top of my head. Since finishing my IV's I haven't been too bad. I think I might have dropped just a little in lung function, but that's because I've made a realisation about my body. It's great. Ha, no. Physio just doesn't cut it anymore to keep me healthy. It does a bit, but for me to keep on top of things, I really need to do alot more exercise (hence the blades and bike) otherwise I'll just slowly decrease back to what I was before. I figured this out because after only 2 days from being off the IV's, I was becoming more productive and coughing alot more up. It really annoyed me until I stoped whinging and made the decision to do alot more exercise. So long story short, more exercise is needed to keep healthy. I could have just said that at the start...

The rest of my time as been spent back at work (which is alot more bareable than it was before I left) and watching numerous dvd's (NCIS and Freaks and Geeks). I've also bought tickets to Lano and Woodley's show for the Fringe, and since it's their last one ever, it's going to be a bit sad. I wanted to go to heaps more shows, but I am actually broke as of right now, so I don't know how much I can afford to go and see, which totally sucks, but not alot one can do about it. I'm really just dribbling crap now, so I think it's a good time to leave it here.

I'll try and keep it more updated so there's not so much filler.

Rating: 7

What I'm listening to: System of a Down - Hypnotize