Thursday, September 20, 2007

Recording, dinners and gigs.

Another two weeks, another update. The first thing I want to mention is that we have started recording Cookie Baker's debut album, which has already been an amazing experience. We were locked in the studio for a whole weekend, which let us get 8 of the 10 tracks down (acoustic guitars and vocals only). But already, the songs are sounding awesome and it's only going to get better. The other musicians are still to record their parts (strings, percussion, bass, backing vocals, random noises) and if all goes to plan, the cd should be out by the end of the year. I still have one song to record with Holly, and since it's going to be a bitch to get down correctly, we're setting aside a whole day for the one song. Hopefully it all goes well, and we won't have to worry about that one any more.

Last week a friend from school was back in Adelaide after being overseas for the last 3 years, so a whole bunch of us from school caught up with dinner and a few bevy's. It was so awsomely strange to see so many people from school in the same place, 7 years after we had all graduated and all doing pretty much what we love to do. We had engineers, actors, singers, musicians, and architects. Who would have thought back in school we would all be where we are today? It was a great night, and hopefully it won't be that long before we all catch up again (but most probably will be).

Since the big Festival Centre gig happened, not a whole lot of music has been going on for me (apart from the studio weekend). I'm still working 6 days a week, but it's so nice to have my nights back again, so I can spend some quality time with Alice (which usually involves us eating dinner while watching Heroes). But it's been great. And I think it's much needed as the last week or so I've noticed that my lungs are starting to be a little more gunked up, so I'm tossing up whether to go to the clinic to see how bad they are. I figured if things don't really improve in the next couple of weeks, I'll try and go in to get a tune-up, so that it (hopefully) won't take me so long to recover and get back to my best. We'll see anyways...

We have a gig tonight at the Prince Albert Hotel (on Wright St) which is going to be fantastic! The owners have sold the pub, so I'm not sure what's going to become of it, but in the past it's been host to some friggen awesome gigs. One of them being Ekoostika, the monthly acoustic night which was started by musos Cookie Baker, LeighStarDust and Tom Barnes. The first Thursday of every month this night would happen, and basically anyone who could strum an acoustic guitar and belt out a few notes would be welcome to play, and it happened to be the starting point of the brilliant Mr. John Woods. So to celebrate the end of an era with the pub changing hands, all 3 of the acts who started up Ekoostika are going to be playing tonight. It's sure gonna be lovely!

Well, I think that about brings you all up to speed. I may see you tonight, I may not.

Rating: 7.2

What I'm listening to: Rodrigo y Gabriela

Friday, September 07, 2007

Spring is here!

As much as I love the warmer weather, I am a bit worried about how bad this summer is going to be. We need more water badly! But since it doesn't look like we're going to get it, I guess there's nothing more to do but sit back, enjoy not having to have the heater on 24/7, and being able to dry our clothes on the line rather than go to the laundromat!

First, I just wanted to say a huge thanks to all those who made it to Cookie's Piano Bar gig on Sunday. It was a perfect day! The weather was absolutely stunning, the crowd was completely packed and so enthusiastic, and without a doubt the most enjoyable gig I've had the pleasure to play.

As soon as we finished playing, we popped over to Elder Park to catch the rest of The Audrey's gig as part of the ABC's 75th Anniversary, and they were outstanding as always. I wish I could have stayed a bit longer and sat on the grass listening to them, but we had to pack all the gear away. Had a little scare on the way home when Eliza-Jane decided to stop running halfway down King William St, but luckily it was just a bit of dirt on the points, so after not too long she was back and running sweetly. That night we went to FADBar to have some birthday drinks for Holly, which was a brilliant night. A few people got messy, but all in all there was lots of laughs and funky dance moves.

Since there have been no rehearsals this week, I have made the most of enjoying nights at home with Alice. It feels like forever since we have hung out, so it's been fantastic to have some home cooked meals and watch some Foxtel.

This weekend we go into the studio to start recording Cookie's debut album, which I'm really looking forward to. It's gonna have some sweet arse tunes, as well as some bloody talented people working on it. All guitars and vocals are going to be done this weekend, and the rest of the musicians will pop in over the next two months to record their parts. If all goes to plan, it should be out at the end of this year.

I had a little bit of a health scare last weekend when I felt my throat getting a bit raw and had quite a bad headache that lasted a while, but this past week of rest seems to have done it's trick, and I feel absolutely fine again. Not sure when I'll get time to get to clinic, but I should do that soon.

Not much else to tell. I'll let you all know how the recording went when we get back from the studio next week.

Rating: 7.9