Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

very brave bunch of people
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Damn. I was hoping to write this before I left for Sydney, but that didn't happen. So instead I'm going to have to do a quick rundown of what's been going on, before I head out and continue wandering the streets of Paddington pretending I'm a rich Sydneysider.

So in the past month I've been out quite a bit to see some bloody amazing Adelaide bands. First was The Audreys for their Adelaide leg of their tour. It was at Her Majesty's Theatre, a place I hadn't been to in forever, and forgot how gorgeous it was. It was all seated, so a bit different to their gigs of late, but it worked really well. They played awesomely, the sound was fantastic, and that's all I can think of to say. I also saw BrotherSister, another band that Ryan (drummer for Cookie) plays in. Man, these guys are incredible. There is a video floating around on youtube I think, but if nothing else, check out their Myspace to have a listen. Bloody brilliant.

A good friend of ours (and his band, The Mischief) came from Sydney last Thurs to Rads for some shows that Holly booked, which took up most of our time last week. They are the most hilarious bunch of guys, and they fit right in to our way of life. The biggest gig of theirs however was at Jive on Saturday night with a local band called Colonel Kernal and a band from Mildura called Jackson Firebird. The Mischief are amazing - I can't quite describe their style, but it's somewhere in between powerpop/country/folk. Anyway, that doesn't matter, because all that matters is that they're amazing. Jackson Firebird then came on, and it's one of the most organic, dirty rock I've ever seen. Just a drummer and guitarist, but they don't even need a bassist. Very, very good. And Colonel Kernal, well, there has been word on the street that they guys are incredible, but it's taken me until now to finally see them, even though I realised I have a couple of friends in the band (that's Adelaide for you). I'm just repeating myself here, but again, these guys are just insane. You've got jazz/rock/blues and mix in some metal and you are on your way to beginning to understand what I'm talking about.

Last week we also went over to Mildura to play at the Chef's of the Future competition. It's a week long thing they have in Mildura to find the best chef at the TAFE and surrounding areas. The food was amazing... the gig was great fun, and I got to fly on a tiny plain to get there. Not the best fun, but it's definitely made my fear of flying a little less horrible.

And then on Sunday we had our long awaited Adelaide Fringe encore show at TInCat Cafe. To have everyone together again really was something special. The afternoon show was great, and even though there were a few spots of rain, it managed to hold off for our performance. We were also blessed to have Joelie join us for these shows, who's violin playing really did add a little something that wasn't there before.

For the evening show however, the heavens were threatening to open up as we were setting up, and it was a bit stressful. It wasn't until the last minute that we decided we best be safe and move inside for the evening performance. It definitely made things a bit more squishy, but it was one of the most intimate shows I had ever done, and ended up being something really special. We (and I think the audience) had a great night, but it was tinged with a bit of sadness as Timmo was leaving for New Zealand for around 6 months. But that's cool - he'll be back and then all is well again. :)

So we're now in Sydney, staying in a bloody awesome place in Paddington, and we have our one and only show tonight at the Excelsior with Renny Field, Sarah Humphreys and The Falls. It really is going to be a bloody amazing night, and I will do my best to take lots of pics and vids. Ryan and Joelie made the trip as well, so it will be a Cookie Baker format we haven't done yet. I'm sure it will be great.

Health is alright... I realised in the taxi on the way to the airport that I forgot my hypertonic saline, which I use for physio (win for me), so I have to walk down to the hospital this morning to see if I am able to get some more. I'm sure it will be fine. So I'm going to try to take it as easy as possible, but I won't be too worried if I need an admission when we get back to Rads.

Rating: 6.2

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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Another 3 weeks, another bunch of stuff happens

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Don't you just love it when you get that feelings that things are really going along awesomely and you just feel so happy? Like, even if you are just cleaning the house or doing something completely mundane, you get this sense of total satisfaction with yourself and how your life is going? Well, I've been feeling that today, so I just thought I would share how awesome it is, and if you haven't felt that yet, you should. It's good fun.

So we had the Mixmasters gig at the grace I was telling you about last time. What a bloody amazing night it was. Holly, Joelie (new violin player) and myself were at Holly's beforehand just so we could go through the songs one more time to make sure we all knew what we were doing (since this was the first gig we had with Joelie). We got there around 7:30 to catch the second half of Delia's magical set. Delia is a local girl who is just bloody amazing. I thoroughly recommend you check her out (here). The place was already packed by the time we got there, but it was only the start of things to come. So we got on stage, played through our set, which was just amazing. The crowd were super responsive, everyone was drinking, but not messy drunk, and we just had a ball. Joelie was magnificent, and there happens to be a vid of a song floating around on youtube, so have a look if you wanna see it. There was also Radelaide's leading music reviewer there, so check out his space to see what he wrote about the night.

The next week was pretty quiet apart, but the weekend was filled with shenanigans once again. On Friday night, some good friends of ours Andy and Jess invited us to the Magill RSL club for dinner. It's something they try to do regularly, and after going there, I see why. The place is full of old diggers who are bloody hilarious, and the nicest/most genuine people you have ever met. There is all this old war memorabilia around the place, 20c pool, and you get a feast for $8. Bloody bargain. After dinner, we walked back to our place and showed them Twin Peaks. We had been planning to get them to see it for a little while, and after the pilot episode, they were hooked, so we followed it with another 2 eps. We endeavour to make this a regular thing, so that's something to look forward to each week. Suckers...

Saturday night we went to another friends house for his 30th. It was a night filled with food, drinks, music and karaoke. Can't ask for much more really. One particularly funny part of the night involved a couple of the party guests (who had come dressed as police officers) went outside to confront some punk-arse teens doing burnout's across the road. Needless to say the teens crapped their pants and fled. Funny stuff.

This weekend was again filled with fun stuff, including a bloody big night last night. Tom was having a birthday 'do at his place, so we got there around 11 or so, and found ourselves leaving by 3. We found out today that Tom didn't get to bed until 8, and that the party didn't actually finish till 12 the next day. Troopers.

On another note, I really need to get another job. Alpha has pushed me down to one shift a week, which doesn't really cut it. I have had a few options, so we'll see where they go. Hopefully I'll be able to get something soon and I won't have to live off Alice's pay.

We have started getting our stuff together for our TinCat show later this month. It's gonna be a fricken sweet day, 2 shows, 7 of us on stage, and some new tunes as well. Those who are thinking of coming really better ring TinCat and book their tickets as they are selling like hot cakes and I can guarantee that there will be none left at the door on the day.

And then straight after TinCat is Sydney! And we got word today that Joelie is coming as well, so all up it will be Joelie and Cara, Alice and me, Ryry and Holly. Not a bad troop I must say.

Health is going about the same as last. Not feeling 100%, but it's not getting any worse, so I doubt that I'll get myself admitted before going to Sydney. Instead I reckon I'll keep a course of orals on me in case things start to flare up, and then if the trip affects me a bit, I'll prob just admit myself once we get back. No biggie. :)

I'm thinking that's all there is to say. Don't you hate it when your G string breaks?

Rating: 6.8

What I'm listening to: Sarah Humphreys - Teapot Trees and Love Birds...