Friday, January 26, 2007

Victor Harbour, sunshine and gigs!

So I've been away yet again. First it was Yorkes, then it was Yorkes again, and then this week we went to Victor Harbour. After having to drive to Yorkes twice in a week, the hour drive to Victor was nothing! So much so that I even went back to Adelaide to pick up fishing rods (and Holly). But the rods were the priority... ;)

I got up there Sunday afternoon, and we had a lovely fondue dinner with Peter, Trudy, Maestro and Stickers. Good times. Then on Monday Dan and Magda came down for a night. We all had fun walking around the town and going to op shops. I found a lovely beanie which I can't wait for winter to crank it out. Alice (as usual) found an array of stuff that she'll prob never use... but it's fun nevertheless.

On the Tuesday morning we got up around 6am to go down to the jetty to do a spot of fishing. It was fantatsic! You would literally throw your line in and the fish would be biting at it straight away. Only problem was since they were so small, you wouldn't actually be able to hook them. They just had a great free feed. Bastards... Then that night I went fishing again, but didn't even get a nibble. There was a seal that was swimming around and eating all the fish. But that's alright - he made up for me not catching anything, and I was quite content to just stand there and watch him (I decided he was a boy).

Wednesday we went for a walk around Granite Island, which brough back lots of memories from the cf camps I went on when I was little... ahh, good times. Then we came back home and went to Peter's for a lovely webber bbq as Ben was back from Montreal for a couple of weeks. We went for a walk to the oval nearby and saw the comet that everyone has been raving about. Pretty neat.

Then tonight Holly (aka Cookie Baker) had a gig at the Gilbert St Hotel, and as a little something extra, I played 6 songs with her on guitar. Twas awesome fun!! I think this may be a semi regular thing, so I'll keep all you up to date on how that goes, and if it continues, you'll just have to come and see me rockin' out!

I think that's about it at the moment. Back to work this weekend. I need some money, so that'll be good. And it's always a little easier going back after having some time off. Health isn't the best right now - but that's because I ran out of some meds last week, and being as slack as I am, I didn't do too much physio when we were at Victor. But I've loaded up on drugs now, and I'm back home, so there's no more excuses!

Right - it's 2.13am and I'm knackered. Time for bed. I'm not cut out for this rock 'n' roll lifestyle...

Rating: 6.2

What I'm listening to: Cookie Baker

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Clinic and rain!

Ahhh, how cool is it?? FINALLY, water is falling from the heavens. It's been long enough! For those who didn't know, we've been in a bit of a drought the last few months. This winter it didn't rain at all, and since we are the driest state in Australia, that was bad news when summer came around. Poor farmers... but even us city folk! We've had major water restrictions, and while it hasn't troubled me too much, the poor garden and lawn has been suffering. But Thursday things began to change...

It was REALLY humid, and felt like tropical weather. There were a few drops Thursday night, which felt really weird to have rain falling on you after so long without it. Then Friday the skies really opened up. It pretty much rained all day, and really heavy rain as well. I went scooting to run some errands, and man was that fun!! Splashing through puddles like a kid. Although it was quite slippery so I did take a bit of care... ;)

And again today - raining all day. The lawn and herb garden are sure soaking it up! Even Muffin is getting into the spirit splashing around in the puddles. So that's been quite fun to have all this water around after seeing nothing but bone-dry pastures on the news every night. Although, now there is extensive flooding up north of the state, so I guess no one can really win...

So I had clinic last Tuesday as well. It'd been about 2 months since my last visit, so I was kinda interested to see how I was fairing. My throat had a bit of a niggle the week before, but for once it didn't eventuate into anything else, so come Tuesday I was feeling tip-top. And another first - there were actually some cf friends in the clinic with me, so I wasn't totally bored. Beck and Kenny. Kenny lives in the sticks and I don't think I've actually seen him in person for about 2 years. But I talk to him online all the time, so we've still kept in touch. Beck I see out quite often, so nothing special there ;) But yes, after clinic we went for a celebratory drink at the Ex and then went our separate ways. But back to clinic...

As I said, I was feeling quite good, so I would have been surprised if my PFT's were down. I went in, did the test, and back the results came - 62%. Not better than last time, but more importantly, it wasn't worse. And it's still only about 10% from my best, so I'm really happy with that. The doc told me to come back in another 2 months, so we'll see where I am then. However as I'm writing this, my throat is starting to flare up again. And I've been getting quite a bit more productive over the last few days. I think the humidity has something to do with it. It always makes me cough alot.

Tomorrow after work I'm going down to Victor Harbour to Alice's Grandad's house he has there at Encounter Bay. I think it's going to be the last of the little trips away for a while, so I'll be sure to make the most of the next few days doing nothing but relaxing. :)

That's it. Thanks.

Rating: 6.5

What I'm listening to: Cookie Baker (I'll tell you why later...)

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

NYE and other stuff

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Happy new year one and all! I trust you all had a good one, whatever it was you got up to. Whether it was quiet, busy, big, small, late or early. For us, it was just awesome.

A few of us (me, Al, Orr, Val, Holly, Scooter and John) went up to Holly's parent's farm near Warooka, in Yorke Peninsula, which is a few hours drive out of Adelaide. We left Sunday morning around 9am and got to Buckley's (the farm) around lunch time. It wasn't long before we unpacked our things and made the drive to Berri Bay for a swim. It was a bit cool, and since the water is quite cold, it took a while before we were psyched enough to go in. But we spent some hours walking around the rocks and fishing for crabs. Fun times!

That night we were treated to an awesome bbq by Holly's dad Rev and we all stuffed ourselves silly. However, because of the drive, the lack of sleep the night before, and the beach and sun, we were all completely knackered and all went to bed around 12:30am. Quite pathetic really. The next day was really hot so we made sure to get to Berri Bay as quickly as possible. This day was much nicer than the previous, and there were alot more people at the beach too. Lots of swimming and lying around was done by all. We were even treated to a few dolphins catching some waves in, so that was fun. However, the end of the day was ruined by a shark sighting, so we couldn't do much more swimming. How boring...

We went to Marion Bay that evening for pizzas. Very nice indeed. Although there was quite a mix up with out orders, which resulted in me and Orr having a small and a large pizza each, but we managed to fit most of it in. :)

That night we were up till all hours of the morning drinking, talking and playing cards. Was great fun. We left the next morning back for Adelaide.

Last week wasn't really spent doing anything noteworthy. Back at work, and just trying not to kill myself of the customers there. Hehe.

Then on Saturday afternoon Al and I had to drive back up to Yorke's for Scooter and John's wedding on Sunday. We got there around 9pm and had another great night at Buckley's drinking, eating, more talking and playing cards. Sunday we all had a shower (not at the same time), got into some of our finest threads, and drove down to Scooter's parents place for the wedding. Holly and I started things off with a little sing-song and then the ceremony was underway. It was awesome - only about 15 minutes, but it was all you needed. It wasn't long after that everyone started having a few bevvies before the reception.

I love bush weddings. There's not the uncomfortable formality that you can have at other weddings, and everyone is just so accomodating! Not to mention the amount of beer and and food there is to be had. Hehe. So the reception was fantastic. Sooo much food (delicious food I might add) and there was a band as well. It was annoying when we had to leave around 10pm so we could get back to Adelaide at a reasonable hour, since Alice had a meeting at 10am the next morning, and all the other guys that went with us had work. So we had to leave just when the party was getting started... but nevermind.

The drive wasn't too bad at all, since there wasn't much traffic, and we got back around 1am. All in all, a bloody brilliant weekend!

Health wise things are a bit crappier... I ran out of some meds a few days ago, and I think I may have a little niggle in my throat. I'm hoping that I can keep on top of it and it doesn't develop into something more serious. But apart from that, things seem to be going alright. I have clinic next Tuesday, so we'll see how things are going there.

This year looks to be an exciting one. I have a few friends that are coming over to Adelaide from overseas, and I'm well excited to show them around here and see what we can get up to. I'm also excited about the possibility of getting a new job... don't get me wrong - Alpha has been awesome to me over the last 8 years, and I don't want to abandon that, but I need a bit more money this year if both Al and I are to go overseas in 08. So not really sure where I'll go with that, but we'll see. Other than that, not alot else may happen. Working, saving money, working, saving more money. But I'm ok with that.

I think I've written enough now. I've put quite a few piccies up from the two trips to yorkes, so if you can be bothered, check em out. :)

Rating: 6.5

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