Sunday, May 18, 2008

No internet (and internet back), ugly parties, gigs, and dvd’s.

with timmo
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Due to the fact that we have no internet at home, updating my oh-so-tantalising blog is a bit hard. So I write on my computer while at home (or work) and when I get the chance to go to Mum's for some food, I hijack my sister's net at the same time. What are family's for?

So there's been parties, gigs, cold nights and sunny days. We went to an 'ugly' party, where my effort for the night was to shave my face, except for my manly moustache. Awesome. I actually haven't got rid of it yet, but it's all blended in with the rest of my facial hair now, so it's not so noticeable (and disgusting).

I had to leave that party prematurely to see one of Ryry's other band's (Mr Wednesday) play. They have been around for ages, and I don't think I've ever seen them. Well, I may have in the good ol days, but since I can't remember anything of what they sounded like, it's much easier (and almost more accurate) to say I've never seen them. Anyway, all garble aside, they were bloody amazing! The place was packed, and even though they took to the stage a bit late, no one really seemed that fussed. Can't really say too much more, other than they are awesome and I can't wait to see them again.

The night before Timmo was doing a solo show at the Worldsy, so Alice and I went down to have a beer and listen. He certainly seemed much better than he did the previous night at Kate Miller-Heidke, so much so that his face was a normal fleshy colour, and not completely white. Luckily he was on first, as I was still pretty knackered from the previous nights shenanigans. But once again, really, REALLY beautiful stuff he has. So many talented people around... makes me sick.

The next week consisted of a couple exhibitions, a birthday dinner at a Thai restaurant, and our internet getting cut off. Not because we are naughty or anything, but because I found that I could be paying less money for faster net. Who's been a schmuck? But in order to get connected again, I had to disconnect from the old provider, wait until the codes cleared off the phone like, THEN wait 5-10 business days for the new one to get connected. Ugh. By my count, Friday (yesterday) was day 4, so hopefully we have net by next week. If not, I think I may very well cry.

It's now been a week since that last paragraph and we have internet! About bloody time... I didn't end up crying, but Alice could tell something was up. All good now though. :)

Not a whole lot been going since then sadly. It has been raining all day and night, so that's been brilliant. Really cold rain as well. Not that rain is usually warm, but it just feels extra cold. Which is nice. And apparently it's going to continue all weekend. Go us. Since tonight was going to be cold and wet, Alice and I planned to have a dvd night. We saw the final episode of Scrubs, which despite being a homage to 'The Princess Bride', was a tiny bit of a let down. But I guess the whole writer's strike thing kinda screwed up the writing for the show. Anyway, bring on season 8.

Then we decided to FINALLY finish watching 'Wonderfalls', which we had started I don't even wanna think about how long ago. But it was bloody brilliant. Seriously good stuff. Thoroughly recommend it if you haven't seen it. Next on the list is 'Pushing Daisies'. We'll get to that in the next few day's I'm sure.

We have a gig tomorrow night. Mixmasters (the studio that we are recording at) is having a 5th birthday, and a whole bunch of artists that have recorded there are playing at the Grace. We're on at 8 for half an hour, and we have a new inductee to the Cookie Baker 'collective' - an AWESOME girl by the name of Joelie on violin. It's gonna be incredible.

Health is going alright. I was a bit shit a week or so ago, but I think that's clearing up now. I'm still tossing up whether I should get another admission before we go to Sydney in June. But at the rate I'm going now, I think i'll prob leave that for after we get back. Just thinking out loud really...

Rating: 7.2

What I'm listening to: The Audreys - When The Flood Comes

Kate Miller-Heidke

This was a night I had been looking forward to for quite some time. It was the first time the whole band was playing together since our Fringe performances, something that I had missed very much.

We arrived around 4 in the afternoon and before we even walked in we could hear the opera-like warm up's of Kate Miller-Heidke, and I found myself grinning like a school boy who had found the answers to the day's test. This was going to be a great night.

We saw Timmo arrive, the trooper he is, and all rushed over to see how his appendix was holding up. To think he only discharged himself from the hospital that day says something about him - extremely dedicated or extremely stupid. Luckily it was the former.

We got our gear on stage and started to plug everything in so we could make some noise. Due to the Gov's weird shape and acoustics, we were warned that sound check could be a bit of trouble. But with Brett at the helm of the sound desk, we had full confidence in him and that he would get the sound as crisp and beautiful as it should.

Sound check went along quite smoothly, apart from having to turn off the front of house speakers so we could hear our levels in the foldback on stage. We ran through the new song as a band for the first time, and went surprisingly smoothly. Well, not really surprisingly since we have some of the most talented musicians in Rads.

Once we were happy with how it all sounded, we all went back to Holly's house to get some grub and run through the new song once more, pretty much to make sure I knew what I was doing. But it was all sweet, and we enjoyed our gourmet pizza knowing that we were totally going to nail the song.

Due to the fact that the Foo Fighters were playing across the road the same night, do you think we could find any parks? Ryry decided to do the honourable thing by driving 5 blocks away, while I did the opposite and parked illegally in the carpark right in front of the door, blocking 4 other cars in. Hey, they would have been there for the show, so I doubt I would have to move out of the way until the end of the night. So it was all cool.

When we walked on stage, there were already the faithful KMH fans leaning on the stage and that extended to most of the room. It wasn't packed mind you, but there were certainly plenty of people prepared to stand and watch us until KMH took to the stage.

We started the set with 'Clean Sheets and a Bottle of Gin', just to kick things off with a bang. The crowd were surprisingly receptive and seemed to like what they were hearing. There was even a couple right at the front who were dancing away. Mind you, I have no doubt that alcohol played a part in their shenanigans. Either way, I'll take it. :)

The set was incredible, the sound was bloody awesome, and the crowd were great. We got to the last song, the newie, and played it like it was one of our oldest and most familiar. All until the very last chord, where due to me blissing out a tad too much and not really paying attention to Ryry's tempo slow-down, finished a whole beat too early. I laughed. Alot. It seems like a regular thing for me to do now - final song, final chord, mess up. Well, not mess up. As Timmo says: "There's no wrong notes in music - just bad choices".