Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Woot, woot and double woot

Today I had my lung function. It was... ooooh, I wonder what it was?? Well, before I let you know, you're all just going to have to stew for a bit while I tell you about what else I've been doing.

Ah, who am I kidding. I have been doing absolutely nothing. So back to the results. If you all remember, the lung function I had 2 weeks ago before getting admitted was 49%. Pretty crappy. But todays reading was 67%. Ooooh yeah. Can you feel that?! Huh?? My best is 72%, so technically my lungs are kicking arse. Now it's just up to me to keep them good by upping the exercise so they don't rely on the drugs.

Alrighty. I think that's about all I've been doing. Tomorrow I'm going to be a good Australian and attend a bbq or two, so I suggest all you out there do the same, or if you can't do it physically, daydream it and get told off for being away with the faries. It's worth it! The land of Oz is one of the best countries out there, so be proud of it and celebrate that fact.

Enough patriotism from me. Will be back soon with more goss from me.

Raitng: 7.7

What I'm listening to: Destiny's Child - #1's

Monday, January 23, 2006

On the mend

sitting in the botanical gardens
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I always try and think of a clever way to start, but can never seem to find one.

Ok, so now that I've got the intro out of the way, on with the post. I've been on the IV's for over a week now and I'm delighted to say that they are starting to work. My chest has cleared up quite considerably (which means that I'm not coughing up as much as I was before) and I haven't felt this clear for quite a while, so I'm pretty chuffed.

I was in the hospital for longer than expected. I thought I was only going to stay in for the weekend, but because of various tests and stuff, they kept me in till the Wednesday. That's alright. After all, I had Foxtel in there which I don't have at home. I pretty much spent my time watching tv, playing guitar, watching tv, eating, watching tv and sleeping. Oh, and trying to entertain the few guests that I had. Pretty hard to do in S2... But Alley did take me out for a walk in the Botanic Gardens which was very nice. The weather wasn't too hot when we did that. And since it's right next door to the hospital, it was an easy excursion.

So I came home and continued the relaxing. Well, there wasn't much else to do with this friggen heat. Man, do I love it though. 4 days in a row above 40. Woot! Summer is definitely here. So yes, plenty of days sitting in front of the air conditioner watching the cricket, tennis, NCIS and Scrubs. What more could you ask for??

Now that it's been over a week on the IV's I really have to start exercise so that I don't get sick as soon as I get off the antibiotics. Usually I do nothing for the 2 weeks, and then as soon as I come off them, since I have absolutely no fitness, I just come straight back down again and have to start from scratch. So this time I'm determined to do some stuff so that I'm even healthier for when I come off them. It's just a bit hard to get motivated in this heat...

So yeah, I think that's about it. I have to have my dressing for my drip changed today, so the RDNS are coming over to my house to do that. Pretty exciting. I should be getting off the IV's on Friday, so 5 more days. As I said, I'm feeling quite good, so hopefully my lung function on Wednesday shows that too. If not, well, nah, we'll just say it will.

Rating: 7.2

What I'm listening to: My stupid ipod (I don't even think it deserves the capital 'p') decided to not work at all, but I have been listening to my computer. Jeffrey Lewis - It's the Ones who's cracked that the Light Shines Through

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Actual health post

sick jaanie
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Most of my posts of late have not really been anything to do with my health, rather my travels abroad. So for the first time in ages, I'm pretty much devoting this entry to my health.

On Tuesday I wasn't feeling the best, pretty much like I had been feeling the last week or so, maybe a tad worse, so I thought it was time to make a clinic appointment. I was originally going to wait and see if this last course of Cipro I'm on actually did anything. But since I was feeling quite shite, I thought better of it and decided to make an appointment.

I went in and they asked if I was keen to have one the same day, to which I thought, heck, why not. I rocked up at the agreed time (3pm) and got weighed (72.55kg, a bit less than I was last time) and had my lung function. Now, I knew that I wasn't the healthiest, but it was still quite a shock to see the results of the lung funciton. It's the worst I've been EVER. 49%. My last clinic I was 68%, so it's quite a drop. I've never been under the 50% mark before, so it was a bit scary. But I'm slowly coming to terms with it now and hopefully the IV antibiotics do their thing and get me back up to 60's.

The only other thing is that because they are putting me on a drug that I haven't had since I was about 13, they decided to keep me in the hospital for the weekend to keep and eye on me and make sure my body doesn't do anything stupid when the drugs are injected. So I'm a bit pised about that. Not to worry, should only be a weekend and then I can do the rest of the IV's back at home (2 weeks worth).

So there ya all go. Since I'm not that chirpy, I apologise for the boringness of this post. Not that it's terribly exciting normally, but I feel it's extra sub-standard today. Tough cookies.

Rating: 4.9

What I'm listening to: Steve Burns - Songs for Dustmites (guy from 'Blues Clues')

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Happy (belated) New Year

beach fun
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Well, as I thought I would, since coming back home I have become rather slack. But oh well, go suck an egg. Let's see if I can do a brief re-cap of what's been happening...

We arrived back in Adelaide, which you all know about, and one of my first outings was to the Grace Emily to see The Audreys play, and it was friggen amazing. I tell ya what - those guys certainly know their stuff. AND they got a 3 record deal with ABC music. Pretty wick I must say. I bought their cd and it's an awesome buy. Very happy with it.

Then of course it was Christmas. That was not too bad. Usual family stuff, food, friends, more food, and of course presents. Woot! And I can't remember what took place between then and New Years, so I'll just jump straigh to there...

So Alley and I decided to accompany Holly to her parents place at York Peninsula (they have a lovely big property there about 10 mins away from Point Turton). So we drove down on a stinking 42 degree day, unpacked our stuff and headed straight for the beach. Oooh yeah! I can't remember the beach name, but it was awesome. Lotsa rips and some big waves. Good stuff! So we swam, played cricket, frisbee, all the usual stuff and headed back for a huge dinner and then the countdown. There wasn't that many of us, only Holly, me, Alice, Andy, Mahla and Leron, as well as Holly's parents and some of their friends. But it was just perfect. So after the countdown we played some batonk on the front lawn and went to bed around 3 or so.

The next morning we had a massive bbq breakfast full of goodness, but since it was quite a rainy day, we all spent it relaxing, watching dvd's, reading and sleeping. Very relaxing.

The final day it was just absolutely stunning, so we once again decided the beach was the way to go. We went to Point Turton and, well, as you can imagine, went for a swim. The rest is quite boring - we packed our stuff and headed home.

So since then, not alot has been happening. Last night Holly played at the Grace and asked me to record it, so that's what I did. There's quite a lot of new material there, and it's sounding very nice indeed. I think that's about it. No doubt I've forgotten something, but I guess that's what you get for letting me be so slack huh?

Oh, I just remembered something. Alice is having an exhibition tomorrow night at FAD, so I guess that's some news. It should be a great night and I have to serve drinks, so it gives me something to do.

Health wise I'm not doing that great, but it's not too bad either. I mean, I'll be honest, I've found it really hard to get back into the swing of doing physio regularly and I'm paying the price for it now. If I don't get better too soon, then I think I'll have to book myself in for an admission. But I'll have a clinic in the next couple of weeks and see what my lung function is to determine whether I need IV's or not. I'll definitely keep you all posted on that.

So there ya go. Another story from the life of Jaan. Don't you all wish you were me??

Rating: 5.9

What I'm listening to: Turin Brakes - Live @ The Palladium

p.s. I forgot to mention that there are a tonne of new pics, so have a browse when you get some free time.