Monday, June 27, 2005

Woot, woot and double woot!

Well, after a week or so of stressing and worrying about trying to find another venue, we have done it! We've organised a venue and date for the fundraiser gig. So, everyone, you need to keep Friday the 12th of August free, and head on down to the Jade Monkey on Twin St for a bloody fantastic night of entertainment and good times (not to mention spending the night with me before I head off on my 4 month voyage). Details about what bands will be playing are still to be finalised, so I'll keep everyone updated once we have confirmed. Now that I've gotten that announcement out of the way, onto the health stuff.

Since the last post, things have gotten increasingly better. My cough has dried up quite a lot, and physio sessions are much less productive (sputum wise). So again I'm quite happy with how I'm feeling and generally feeling quite good about things. I went out on the weekend, so we'll see if that had any affect on me, but hopefully not. I still haven't started the exercise, which I know is terribly slack of me, but I actually have a reason why I can't do any (well, swimming anyway). There is a little ink thing on my arm which forbids me to go swimming for a couple of weeks, which is good enough for me to continue to put everything on hold. But since I'm leaving in less than two months, I really need to get the fitness up so I don't collapse after my first day of travelling.

So yeah, the gig is finally on (again), I'm feeling considerably better than last time, and the weather is looking loverly today.

Rating: ooh, let's see, it's coming... it's, it's, IT'S... 7.8

Friday, June 17, 2005

Not so fast

Well, after not even 10 hours of having the venue booked, we have a couple of little things that are plaguing our minds. So just hang on to your HB's and don't scribble in the 29th just yet. I knew I shouldn't have posted anything to jinx myself. When will I learn...

Sorry, I really must apologise. This is meant to be my health blog, not my random-everyday-crap blog. I'll make sure to keep at least one health related topic in each post. So, since I'm on here, I may as well update everyone again.

Still feeling pretty much the same as i was on Wednesday. Chest is still moist and I'm still coughing up gunk all through the day. I'm not too short of breath, which is good. However, after physio, my body aches a bit and I don't really feel up for anything. So going out is not really fun at the moment. Hence why I'm at home on a Friday night at 9:42pm watching the Power play like a pack of prissies while Alice and Lucy are havcing fun at a party at the Lion. I'm getting annoyed, but keep telling myself that I have to give myself more time. It's just frustrating is all. Not to worry, things will clear up. I promise!

Rating - 6.5

Gig is now booked!

Hi all, just a quick announcement...

The fundraiser gig has now been booked, so for those of you who are going to be in Adelaide, pencil in Friday, July 29th at Fowlers Live. Bands are still to be finalised, so keep checking this space for more updates, but it's sure to be a huge night!


Wednesday, June 15, 2005

No real change

Crap, I didn't realise it's been as long as it has since the last post. I thought a week tops, but I guess time has once again runned away from me (nice use of grammar?). Well, since it has been almost 2 weeks, I guess you're all hanging for an update. I'm currently still a little sick, by which I mean I'm quite productive during physio, but unlike when I'm well, I'm still quite phlegmy throughout the day as well; pretty much the same as I was last entry. To be honest, it's getting quite annoying. I was starting to get good, then I ran out of my Ambrotose and other natural supplements. It took me about a week to get some more from my naturopath, so I suffered a bit from that. It's good to know though that they are doing something, as when I do stop taking them, I seem to get sicker alot quicker than I would normally. Add a couple of gigs (Cookie Baker and Tom B at Grace, Vasco Era at Gov) and still no exercise, it's not really surprising that I'm not as good as I want to be. Maybe it's also the weather we're having (finally, Winter is upon us. About time!) Nevermind - I'm sure I'll get back up there.

In the meantime, I'll reiterate what I've said a many time before - I've got to start the exercise again, so everyone, if we all put our thoughts together, maybe it will be enough to get me off my skinny arse and do some physical stuffs. Unless something else comes up, in which case I'll be sure to postpone it another week ;).

I guess it's not time for the rating. I really don't like doing it unless it's an improvement, but here we go. Right now, I feel like about a 6.5

p.s. Sorry guys, re-reading this, it seems quite boring. No witty remarks, no incredibly insightful material, no piss-your-pants hilarity... wait a min, is it ever?

Friday, June 03, 2005

Untitled no. 1

I really should post more often, as once a week is quite pathetic. But, really, I can't be bothered and there's not really a whole lot of change. Well, there has been a bit of a change the last week, and I think that's due to the weekend. So really, I'm just slack and there's nothing more to it. Eh, whatevs. On the weekend there was the Bookstore cd launch, which resulted in sitting in the kinda smokey venue, followed by a late night (well, late compared to what I've been doing lately). And over the weekend, I slacked down to 2, sometimes 1 physio session per day. At least I now know my boundaries and that if I'm to remain feeling really healthy with my lungs doing the best they can, I really need to keep doing physio 3 times a day.

Due to the increased mucus production, I switched my physio today to the flutter (a different apparatus that is used when I'm more sick and productive) which seems to be working. It clears up alot more than the pep mask, which is my usual treatment. So hopefully another day or so of the flutter will result in a drier cough, clearer lungs and general well being. I've also started on the fish oils. Yay, fish. Mmm...

Maybe the sickness has also been brought on by stress. The preparations for the doco/trip/funding stuff is getting quite overwhelming, so that's really keeping me busy. But it's all looking quite good - TDK shipped me 20 tapes for free, so that was quite nice of them. Also, a cf friend passed away last week and the funeral was on Monday, so that may have something to do with it. The sub-conscious can affect you in ways you don't think possible. But now that all that is behind me (touch wood) I'm hoping for a full recovery and be back to normal in no time.

I apologise if things sound quite dramatic. Really, it's not that bad. Blame it on the tiredness. Blame it on the weather. Blame it on whatever you want, just don't blame it on... *insert word here* (who ever can come up with the 'craziest' idea will get something special from me).

So there you go kiddies. Another update from your trusty cfer. Hope all is going well in your lives, and I'll be speaking to you soon.

Gimme a R (R!) - Gimme a A (A!) - Gimme a T (T!) - Gimme a I (I!) - Gimme a N (N!) - Gimme a G (G!). What does that spell??? RATING!

And we all know what that means, don't we boys and girls? That's right, it's time for this week's rating. And what do we have here? Why, it's a 7. Good job, now why don't we all go and get ourselves some cookies and milk, and I'll see you all next week.