Friday, February 29, 2008

Exciting times ahead!

Not even going to try and explain why I haven't written in so long. Just not worth it. Slackness is a wonderful thing.

I'll start off with I just got out of hospital in Tuesday. I wasn't that sick when I went in, but with all these gigs we got coming up, I thought I would go in and get pumped full of drugs so that (hopefully) I don't get too sick with all the travelling.

So what gigs are these? Well, it started last night with the opening of our Fringe show. Despite a couple of sound issues when we were setting up, it all turned out awesomely, and we had SUCH a ball. Thanks to all who made it out. Really looking forward to tonight's show. I think it's been dubbed the 'parents' night. About 4 of the people in the band have their folks coming tonight. Should be awesome! I think there are still a few tickets left for Saturday night's show, so you can either call Fringetix or just go to to book.

So we have a break on Monday, and then on Tuesday we drive up to Mildura for a week while the Mildura-Wentworth Arts Festival is on. We are doing a couple of shows throughout that week, and then we are supporting Ben Lee on the final night of the festival in the Perry Sandhills. It's gonna be massive. So pumped for that one! Then we get back to Adelaide for a day or so and then fly off to Sydney for a week for some more shows. We're doing a couple with Renny Field Band and also one in the Blue Mountains. We then come back home and we're supporting Angie Hart at the Wheatsheaf, which is gonna be a gorgeous show, so I highly recommend people come and check that one out. I have a feeling I may need another admission when all this is over, but that's cool.

So obviously since I was just in hospital, my health is awesome at the moment. My lung function went up to 68% while i was in there, which is pretty much up towards my best since going to the hospital when I was 18. Can't really complain about that eh?

Trying to think of what else has been going on... Oh yeah, it was my birthday last week as well, and while I was in hospital for it, it could have been worse. It was quite hot while I was in, so it was nice to be in an air-conditioned building all day, and not doing much aside from lying in bed watching tv. The nurses even got me a cake. Pretty sweet... Alice has taken me on 3 of 5 mystery dates, and they have all been awesome considering it's Fringe time and there are TONNES of acts to see. We went and saw Frank Woodley on the opening night of the Fringe, then Jimeoin the following night, and the best of the Edinburgh Festival on Sunday night. The next 2 are after we get back from Mildura.

Autumn has also hit with a vengance. I always forget that when it arrives, the nights get cold straight away. No grace period at all. Days are still quite pleasant, around mid twenties, but then the nights get down to low teens. It's so annoying because during the day you are all hot and not even thinking about needing warmer clothes later in the night. Yes, it is a difficult life I lead. But I'm strong - I can push through it.

Right - I think that's about it. Sorry again for not writing for so long. Ah well. At least you've had a break from my ramblings for a while. :)

Rating: 9

What I'm listening to: Sia - Some People Have Real Problems