Thursday, August 30, 2007

Busy busy busy

Ah, I suck. So sorry it's taken me so long (AGAIN!) to write another entry. It goes from having nothing to tell, to then being so busy I just don't have time to write anything. So here it goes...

First thing to mention was Alice had an exhibition at Gray St on August 12th, which was fantastic! I had the job of serving drinks, which is quite easy to do at an exhibition, as everyone just comes and picks up a cup and starts guzzling. There were so many people there, and Alice being the talented lass she is, was able to sell quite a few things. And some good news - her site will be up and running in September, so when that happens, you can all go there and have a squizz at some of her stuff!

The next thing to say is that while Alice and I were saving to head overseas next year, we had the opportunity to take all that money and spend it on something else. We did... Her name is Eliza-Jane and she is a beauty!!! She's a 1962 Holden EJ wagon, and we love her dearly. I'll put up some pics when we get some taken. We are oh so slack.

On the music side of things, this is where I've been most busy - we have been rehearsing pretty much every night with some of the other musicians that are going to be on the recording, which have been going awesomely. We have had a couple of gigs in the past couple weeks, one supporting the lovely Abbie Cardwell at the Grace Emily, which was a barrel of fun, and then one last week with BenSolo and 200 Motels, again another great show. Although there was a little kerfuffle with the licensing and they (the Grace Emily) were only allowed to have 100 people inside, when they are normally licensed to have 190. This resulted in a line-up appearing outside, and some dear friends and family weren't able to get in. A bit annoyed at that, but nevermind.

So all this rehearsing is also leading to our last gig for a few months while we take some time off to record Cookie's debut album. For all those who aren't doing anything too important on Sunday (it is Father's Day...), PLEASE come on down to the Festival Centre Piano Bar at 2pm. It's free, licensed, and it's being recorded, so make sure you bring your lovely cheery voices! On stage will be me on guitar, Holly on piano and guitar, Andrew on melodica and piano, Fluer on vibraphone, violin and snare, and Mairead on backing vocals. It's gonna be awesome! Click here for more details

So my health is still going along quite strongly. Given that this flu season has been particularly nasty, I'm quite thankful I've had a relatively uneventful few months. Because I've been working 6 days a week, I haven't had time to go swimming in AGES, however I am walking to work and back, which is a fair dose of exercise. I haven't had a clinic for a while either, so I don't actually know how 'healthy' I am, but I feel alright still. I think I'll make an appointment sometime soon...

I think that's about it. Again, those of you who are in Adelaide, it would be awesome if you could make it on Sunday. I haven't seen alot of you in forever, so I'm hoping it will be a bit of a chance to catch up with some old friends.

Rating: 8.2

What I'm listening to: not much apart from Cookie Baker.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Tis been a while...

hasn't it? Yeah, once again I've been terribly slack, but them's the breaks.

So what's been going on? Lemme have a think... Alice (and Lucy) had their birthday a couple weeks ago, which is something I've been looking forward to for quite a while. I had planned a secret trip to the Barossa (which sadly got spoiled at the last minute by someone at work blabbing it to Alice when she picked me up) but not to worry - it was such a great weekend! We went to a lovely 2 story, 3 bedroom cottage in Tanunda, complete with a spa and open fire. Mmm...

We didn't do a whole lot during the time we were there. We went to a few of the op-shops in the surrounding areas, and while I didn't find anything, Alice was her usual self and managed to find quite a few little gems. We did plan to do a spot of wine tasting, but to be honest, we were all too happy to go back to the cottage and do lots of nothing. So that's what we did. Had a few more spas, sat in front of the fire, watched some movies, and fell asleep. It was just what we needed.

When we arrived back home we were in house mode and felt we needed to clean up the house. It now looks quite respectable. :)

Apart from that, the only other thing I've been upto (apart from working all hours of the day) is quite a bit of music stuff with Holly. The big gig in September is steadily approaching, so we are getting ready to start rehearsals with the other musicians. Something which I'm both a little nervous but also looking forward to since it's something I haven't ever really done before. We had a gig a couple weeks ago supporting Old Man River at the Grace which was one of the best gigs I've had the pleasure of playing at!

It was a Sunday night, so the crowd was very chilled. It was a paid gig, so the people who were there wanted to watch music. And the entire crowd was silent during the performances. I haven't ever played to people that are just listening intently. It was amazing! Unfortunately due to Alice's early start the next morning, and the Grace's tendancy to accumulate quite a lot of smoke, we didn't get to stay to watch Old Man River. But I heard he was awesome.

So the rest of this week is going to be spent playing music, both getting the old material down-pat with the other musicians, as well as learning new stuff that Holly has created. :)

Alice had an exhibition at Zu Design on Friday night which went really well. She's really starting to become established here. And for those Radelaidians, her workshop, Gray St, is having an open day and then exhibition on Sunday the 12th from 6-8pm, so if you can, definitely head along! Just message me if you want more details.

Health wise, you'll be very glad to hear that things are still going swimmingly! Funnily enough, the swimming has kinda stopped for the moment as I've been working 10-6 7 days a week, which doesn't leave any time to do it. However, I have been walking to work everyday, which is a respectable half an hour walk, and that has definitely had a hand in keeping me as well as I am. I can't believe that in the midst of winter, and considering how sick I was, I've managed to keep this well for this long. I'm really hoping that things will continue on this road for a good few months still. But for now, I'm feeling great and just enjoying being able to do what I want.

I think that's about it for now. Cheers for your eyes.

Rating: 9

What I'm listening to: The Grates - Gravity Won't Get You High

P.S. I can NOT believe they're putting that abominably bad show The Wedge back on tv... It's a travesty!!