Thursday, April 27, 2006

Hopefully the worst is over

Hi all. Well, since my last post, things haven't really been getting better. I'd love to say they have, but truth be told it's been staying the same, if not getting worse. I haven't worked for the past week. And what's even more annoying, it seems each day there was something else wrong. As I said last time, it started off with a very dry, sore throat. That lead to a couple of days where I wasn't able to cough easily and the mucous sarted building up in my chest.

After seeing the doctor and getting my stash of goodies, I thoguht the worst would be over and I would start to recover. I only worked till 8 on Wednesday night, and only till 7 on Thursday night because I just had absolutely no energy. I was feeling faint and my legs were shaking from walking to the till and back to the staff area. Talk about fitness! It's weird how you can be quite fit and doing heaps of exercise, but then throw in a few days of nothing and it completely disappears and leaves you pathetic. Saturday was the same story. On Sunday I had the full blown fever and temperature, chills and headaches. It wasn't pleasant. Especially since Alley seemed to have finally caught my bug and was feeling miserable with me. Imagine that sight - two sad-sacks feeling sorry for themselves whinging in bed all day. Woot.

I tried to recover as much as I possibly could on Monday and Tuesday so I might be able to work on Wednesday, but along with the fever, I was feeling really nauseous and couldn't really get out of bed. So Wednesday night had to be cancelled. Then yesterday afternoon I had the worst gut aches I've had in years. I was unable to move off the bed for about 2 hours, then it suddenly vanished. Quite strange...

So, I've come to the conclusion that I've had pretty much every symptom that can be related to a virus, so therefore I should be on the mend as of today. I'm set to work at 4, and I'm really hoping that now the only health problem I have is my lungs, and all I need to do is clear them out. That I know how to do... and since I'm not working on Friday, if I can make it through tonight, then another day to recover before Saturday should be all I need. I have another clinic on Tuesday, so I'll be sure to let you all know how that goes. If things haven't improved that much, it looks like I might need to go in for IV's again, in which case it will be the first time in about 5 years that I've had to have IV's more than once a year. Sign of the times I spose... but we'll take this one step at a time before we get ahead of ourselves.

Only other bit of news is that my friend Ben who moved to Montreal about a year ago is coming back home for his summer holidays for about 3 months. Should be good to see and hang out with him again. Good times. Oh yes, and my phone has stuffed up. I really have a bad relationship with all things electrical...

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Yet ANOTHER post

You must all be getting sick of these. Well, you're probably not. I mean, who could blame you really? I just had to appear modest for the masses... Anywho, so since I was feeling even more poorly today, and when I went to the shops to get some meat for lunch, I ran into Beck (a good cf buddy of mine) and she was in at the moment ('in' meaning having IV's in hospital) and saying that she had what I have (sore throat and stuff). So I thought to not chance it and rang the clinic to try and schedule an earlier appointment. I was able to have one today, so I went there and had all the normal lung function tests and stuff.

As I expected, my lung function was down 10% (form 67% to 57%), which isn't TOO bad, but still bad enough to need some extra drugs (I was 49% when I went in last time just after I got back from my trip). So for the next two weeks I'm on a course of Cipro (oral antibiotic that has some nasty side effects including joint pains, extreme photosensitivity [which is alright since it's now winter and I have no need to be out in the sun], and down right unco-ness), as well as an increased dose of inhaled Tobrimycin (another antibiotic that I have through a nebuliser).

When I was seeing the doctor, they told me that what I had was probably just a viral thing, so nothing to be too worried about. It hadn't spread to my chest yet, which is a good thing, so hopefully the antibiotics will keep that away and get me better in a couple of weeks. If however they seem to do nothing, I'll be back at clinic and most probably will need to go in for IV's again.

I think that's all to report... remember all who can watch Neighbours to do so, just so you can see a great actress who is bound to become a superstar! Now I'm going to go back to watching The Secret KGB UFO Files (who said late night tv viewing was crap?).

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Monday, April 17, 2006

What I got for Easter...

An easter egg hunt (courtesy of the twins), double pay from work, rest and a stupid friggen virus. Yes, that's right. Jaan is sick. And not cf sick. Cf sick I can handle, or at least feel like I can control it a bit. But when I get what I call 'normal sick', it really flips me out. Last night I was at work, and I was coughing a bit more than usual. Then I noticed that the cough was starting to become less phlegmy (which is normally a good thing, but I knew that this wasn't one of those good things) and started becoming more and more dry and scratchy. So I was able to leave early, came home and watched Wolf Creek with Alice. The whole way through the movie I was coughing more and more and it was getting dryer and harsher. Finally woke up this morning to a very painful throat and, uh, that's it. But that's enough to make me feel annoyed. So this most likely explains tbe tiredness I've been feeling the last few weeks. My body was probably getting exhausted trying to fight off this thing, but finally gave up last night. At least I have the next two days off work to try and rest up so I'm all good again.

So apart from that, this weekend was Easter. Yay! Now it's easy to get carried away with superficial things and forget what the real meaning of Easter is: chocolate. All (lame) jokes aside, I hope everyone's weekend was safe and happy. I was awoken 10am by Lucy and Alice saying they had a surprise for me. The surprise was one of the coolest easter egg hunts I've ever been on (mostly because it was in our NEW house which I've grown very fond of). Then we had yummy hot cross buns for brekkie, watched some Scrubs, then I went off to work. And from there, well, that's at the start of the post, so I think I've said all that there is to say...

Cheers to everyone for being you. You all rock.

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Saturday, April 15, 2006

*Insert witty and intelligent title here*

It's Saturday night. It's 10:30pm. It's quite cool outside. And I'm sitting here, in my room, all alone, trying to find something to do. I thought I would do something fun, but instead I am writing this. Only kidding: it's good for morale. Truth be told that not alot has been going on (surprise surprise I hear you all say). But seriously, nothing. I've been working quite alot, which is alright since I like the money. And when I'm not working, I'm making sure to do nothing.

The last month or so has been kinda weird. For some reason, I've been really tired. Well, not so much tired. I mean, yes, there is tiredness involved, but not all the time. It's more a general lethargic feeling, which is sometimes accompanied by tiredness (and when I say tiredness I mean sleepiness). Got that? I ain't repeating it. Anywho, so because of this tiredness thing, I haven't had the energy to do anything, hence the no news to tell. It's getting really annoying. I want to go and do things, but I just don't have the energy. I'll have some tests when I have clinic in a couple of weeks. I don't think it's actually anything, but I just can't figure out what it actually is. It might just be the move, the weather, working lots all rolled into one nice lethargic package. And health in general is going alright, but still not the best. I'm still quite productive during the day, and if it weren't for all the squash and walking, then I think I would really have something to worry about. But for the time being it's just holding up.

This is starting to become drivel. Again, tiredness is to blame. So I'll leave it here. Sorry for the lack of cool stuff to tell.

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006


118 william st
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Woot! It's done. Pics are up. Enjoy!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Finally, Jaan has done the impossible.

Alright alright, here is your lousy post! Nah, seriously, sorry for being sooo slack. I WAS going to do it yesterday, honest, but things just got too hectic and I injured myself playing squash. It was actually quite funny - I ended up running into the wall shoulder first. I laughed - after I was finished rolling around on the floor screaming my head off. Oh well. Argh, stupid computer. I just finished writing most of my post when it restarted. Those first few lines are all it decided to auto-save. I'll try my best to remember everything I wrote. It prob won't be as brilliant, but it'll have to do.

So the first bit of news is that I moved out with Alice and Lucy (her twin sis). We weren't going to move out until the middle of the year, but a friend of mine had to move out of her place and asked if we wanted to take over the lease. We weren't that keen until we heard the price (damn cheap) and the location (Norwood, just off the Parade). When we came and looked at the place, we thought, why the heck not?? And within a week of hearing about the house, we found ourselves packing all our crap and trying to get in as soon as possible. It's a corner house. You know, one of those ones that used to be a deli or shop? Like, RIGHT on the corner. Anyway, it's awesome. Our first little trial was getting the electricity connected. We rang, they said they were coming. We waited all day and all night, they didn't show. We kept ourselves busy with electronic Battleships. Awesome. We rang again, they said they were coming. We waited all day and all night, etc etc. Well, a whole 2 days later they finally came, and within a minute, everything was connected and working fabulously. I was going to take some pictures of the house to show you all, but you know, my shoulder. I promise I'll do it soon... Whlie it's great having a place in such a good location, there is a downside: it's too damn convenient! Just the other day Alley and I were walking around in the morning, and on our way back to the house, slackness set in and we thought we might as well have breakfast at a cafe. It's just too easy to do!

Crap, what else did I write about? Oh, that's right. Well, this isn't really important, but I felt like telling you all anyway; it's mainly for all the net nerds out there. With moving, came the obvious task of getting my internet reconnected. Hence why I haven't been online in a while. But I finally got it a few days ago, and man, was it worth the wait. I got the new ADSL2+ broadband, and it's friggen sweet! I downloaded an episode of the Simpsons in just over 10 minutes. How awesome is that?? It's a really good episode as well. Ricky Gervais (the Office guy) wrote it and stars in it too. Not as himself, but as an English git who falls in love with Marge. I recommend you watch it. Oh, and while I'm on the topic of of internet stuff, there's this really cool program I thought I should tell you about. It's called Skype - basically it's like a msn messenger type program, except you use a headset and use it like a phone. You can talk to anyone that has the program, all over the world, and the best part, it's free! How good is that?? All you need is a headset, or microphone. So I've been using it to talk to Ben in Montreal and Peter in London. Not bad for a free thing. And the quality is better than talking on a mobile phone. I also bought a new keyboard and mouse. And lucky me, they came with a webcam. Now I can do all those sexy webcam dances I've heard so much about. I'll have to figure out what song to do it too though. And what to wear. Any suggestions? I don't want to look like a twat...

Alright, now what else... Well, the Fringe and Festival and Womad and Clipsal has kept Adelaide the most hippest and happening place in the world for the past month, but I'm so glad it's all finshed. Now I can get back to my nightly routine of watching crap and sleeping. Oh yeah! What a great life I lead. i like it, so you can all go suck an egg.

Health wise things are going alright. I'm not 100%, or even 80%, but I seem to be keeping a hold on things. Let's just say that I'm not getting sicker. I was meant to go to clinic last week, however I kinda forgot and now it's in another few weeks. I'll make sure to go to this one and let you all know how it goes. But I'm making sure to keep up the exercise and limit the things that would make me unhealthy (smoking, drugs (the bad kind), drinking - the usual).

One last thing to tell you is that I was thinking about entering the National Transplant Games this year. Basically they're like a mini Olympics for people who have had transplants (or are awaiting a transplant). Apparantly having cf means you qualify because you are technically on the watiting list. They are being held in Geelong in September, and I had a really good time when they were held in Adelaide a year ago, so I thought I might give it another crack. But we'll have to wait and see how the money situation goes.

Crap, this has taken me over an hour and a half to write this. Mind you, I have been eating dinner and watching Red Heat as well. I know, I know. Multitasking is a wonderful thing, but let's not make a big deal out of it. I'm sure I've missed out heaps of stuff, but I can't be arsed writing any more so you'll just have to deal with it. But I'll make sure to get those pics up so you can all see our humble little castle.

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