Saturday, July 30, 2005

Things are slowly but surely coming together...

"Yarn!" final
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Wow, check that out - another post and it's only been a week. Things are going along nicely...

Now that holidays have finished, things have settled down at work which means more time getting into a routine to do more physio sessions, which are definately paying off. I've even decided to change a bit of my routine - I usually take my pulmozyme (a gene therapy inhaled med which is used to thin out the mucous to help me cough it up)in the morning before my morning physio. This way it loosens up all the phlegm for me to cough up in the morning. However, I've been talking to a CF friend in Canada and she is taking her pulmozyme just before she goes to bed so that it works throughout the night and therefore is more affective in the morning. Not being one to shy away from something new, I've started doing that the past few nights and I've noticed a change. I'm definately alot dryer than I was a week ago, but I'm not too sure whether that's due to the fact that the pulmozyme isn't actually working throughout the night and the mucous that I do have in my lungs is just drying up and settling in the bottom of my lungs. It also could be due to the fact that I'm back into a routine of doing physio, so you never know. I have a clinic on Tuesday, so it'll be interesting to see how things are there. But I guess the main thing is that I'm feeling much better and not as clogged up.

The other bit of news is that we've finally sorted out all the main details for the "Yarn!" fundraiser. You can see the poster, so I won't mention all the details again. But the only thing I want to stress is that if you are planning on coming, if you can try to make it as close to 8:30pm as possible, just because there is so much going on you don't want to miss out on, plus it looks like we could quite possibly get a full house, which means that if you decide to rock up late, you might not even get in. So just keep that in mind. But seriously, it looks like it's going to be such an awesome night. Please come along. We're really getting excited about it.

So there's my speel for this week. I leave in just over 3 weeks and things are getting quite hectic and exciting. Let's hope there are no dramas to postpone things any further.

Rating for tonight... it's a, it's a, it's a big fat 8. Woot!

Friday, July 22, 2005

Update 21

Once again time has slipped by and I haven't posted a thing. How typical. Don't worry, I'm sure I'll get the hang of it before I leave the country. So what's been happening? Well, I've been working heaps because it's holidays so I haven't really had any time to do anything else. There has been LeighStarDust's residency at FAD every Wednesday night of this month, so I've been going to that. But apart from that, I've been a hermit. Working during the day till 10 or 11 at night, then home to do physio then straight to bed. However, all this working and not doing much as made me realise how my body works with needing treatment and stuff. Here is it...

In the morning, I'm not that productive. I assume the sleep during the night settles all the phlegm and therefore doesn't come up very easy in the morning. As the day progresses, I notice myself becoming more productive and coughing more, which is obviously the phlegm loosening up and wanting to come out. However, because I've been working during the day every day, I haven't been able to do physio or exercise to get it out. By the time I finish work and it's night time, it has all settled down again for some reason, so the physio session isn't really that productive. So, because of all the non-doing-stuff during the afternoon, I've been feeling a little bit crap lately. Being a bit short of breath, quite phlegmy, and general poopiness. It's quite annoying since I have been so well recently and I want to be my best before I jet off to minimise the risk of me getting sick whilst travelling. Oh well, I guess the positive is that it's still a month before I leave. Let's just all hope that I don't catch anything before then...

So there's your update for this week. I bought my ticket yesterday, so it's all official. Accomodation is slowly getting sorted out, and the fundraiser is looking good. Once again, when all the details are finalised, I'll make sure to post and email everyone exactly what's happening.

Rating - 6.8

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Some people really do just suck

Well, what a week it has been for us all. It's weird, after 9/11, I didn't really feel that much, probably due to the fact that I have no real connection to New York or America (sorry Monica, no offense to you, but it's just that I consider you an Australian who talks funny is all). Even when Bali happened, for some strange reason, I still didn't really feel anything, even though there was a direct link as there were Adelaidians involved. But when I heard about the London bombing, I suddenly felt sick and really had this concern for some of my friends who are over there at the moment. It was after this that I realised how naive I've been towards all these terrorist acts over the last few years, so for that I apologise. It is something I wouldn't wish upon anyone, so to all those who have been affected, my heart goes out to you all.

Alright, I think everyone's probably heard enough about this for now, so onto some other stuff. Since my last post, which I didn't realise was so long ago, things have been going great. My health has considerably improved. My chest has cleared up quite a bit, with physio sessions being less productive, and with me not having such a phlegmy cough during the day. I'm still taking the Mannatech stuff, which I am convinced is the reason for my general well-beingness. Even when I was doing squash and exercising regularly, I didn't feel as good as I do now, and that is saying something.

Exercise at the moment is relatively almost alright - I still haven't started swimming yet, but when I think about it, I haven't been completely slack. Usually, every day has involved me going into town, where I will walk around for about an hour all up, at quite a brisk pace, so it't not like I've been doing NOTHING. Just not a lot...

Planning for my trip is coming along, still very slowly though. I really need to work out my itinerary of where I'll be when so I can get back to the fine folk who have offered me places of accomodation. I'm waiting on the Asthma Foundation to see if they can get me a travel pump to take with me (they cost around $600 so obviously it would be a great help if they are able to get one for me). Planning for the "Yarn" fundraising night is going along quite nicely (Friday August 12 @ Jade Monkey). Still in the final stages of securing bands etc, but it looks like it's going to be a wild night out, so anyone who is in the area HAS to come. I'll be putting posters in Alpha as well as around the city and various pubs. Of course, if you want more details and can't wait for me to send out a group email, just write me.

I think I have to buy my ticket next week, so that's going to take a huge chunk out of my savings, which is never a nice thing to do, even when it's the thing you've been saving for. I know many of you know what that feels like... but it looks like I'm going to be relying on selling my car for money to survive on whilst I'm away, which is annoying because my initial planning told me that I would have enough money to last, and the car was just going to be any extra cash. Not the case. Oh well, I guess it all adds excitement doesn't it?

I think that just about covers it. If I've left anything or anyone out, tough.

Rayting for this poast: 8