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It’s been so long since I've posted. I'm sorry for all those who have been losing sleep wondering what I've been up to, but for a change I've actually been really busy. But I’ll start from the start (isn’t that where you usually do so?)so that you can all get up to speed with the saga of what is known as Jaan's life.

The first thing worthy of note is that Alice and I went to see Dylan Moran on Friday the 30th of March. I had bought tickets as a surprise to Al, but due to my slackness in forgetting to hide them (and to her annoying habit of ALWAYS having to look at everything she finds) she found the envelope that housed them and ruined the surprise. Ah well. At least now I could get excited about it with her. Anyhoo, so we went along and it was hilarious!! I hadn’t actually seen any of his stand up stuff before, only his work on Black Books, which I LOVE, so I assumed it would be good anyway. I won’t go on trying to quote all his jokes, as no doubtly they’ll come across lame and completely un-funny. But needless to say that I haven’t laughed so long out loud in quite a while.

The next night was the final night of the Adelaide Fringe, so a whole bunch of us went to the Garden (of Unearthly Delights) to celebrate the first annual Fringe (normally it’s run every two years). Just as I had expected, there were lots of familiar faces, and it was great to catch up with everyone again. Alice had a wedding but came afterwards, all dolled up, and looking quite luffly! Didn’t have a too late night as I had to open up the shop the next day, but I made sure to enjoy it so that I had no regrets.

The Sunday afterwards I had a friend arriving from London who has been travelling around NZ and now Australia. She’s an awesome photographer who goes by the name Alexandra Bone and there’s a link to her photos on my page. Go check her out! So anyhoo, I picked her up and came back to our place for a bit of a bbq to get her settled in. bbq’s are always good… it was great having her here as I could show her around Adelaide, and learn to appreciate the city for what it really is. We made it to a few pubs, the beach, walked around the city, and on her last day we made sure to make it up to Coriole Winery for a bit of brunch. I then took her to the airport where she’s started making her way up the west coast of Oz for another couple of months. Lucky duck…

That night I went to Alex and Monica’s wedding reception (they’re the couple that got married at the end of last year in a surprise ceremony at their house). It was a really fun night, with a few close friends, lots of great food, and of course some good alkeehole. I don’t see them a helluva lot, so it was good to have a few hours to spend with them.

Then I think Easter came… this year was quite bland for me. I didn’t really get up to much in the way of celebrating Easter, and I worked quite a bit as well. I still took time to remember what it meant to me however, so it wasn’t a total waste. ☺

I’ve still been doing quite a lot of music stuffs with Holly, and last weekend a few of us packed a couple of cars and went over to Yorke Peninsula to do a gig as part of a drought relief thing that was going on. How’s this for a country gig – it was on the Warooka footy oval, on the back of a semi trailer! Can’t get much more outbacky than that. Was soo much fun! There were a few other bands playing – mostly pub rock cover bands – but I think everyone who went had a really good time.

Things had been going so great until the ride home… we just passed Port Wakefield (about an hour and half out of Adelaide) when I noticed that the engine had started making a clicking noise. I pulled over to have a look, and then realised that the car had decided to start running on 3 cylinders instead of 4. Great. We called the RAA and a guy came out and had a look, but didn’t really offer much help and said that we could try and make it (slowly) back to Adelaide. We decided to do that, and made the journey at 50kmh. It took a couple of hours to make it back home, but we were just so relieved that we actually got the car back in one piece. I've taken it to the mechanic, but we are still waiting to hear what the diagnosis is…

All last week Alice and I have been doing another job that involves us going out to schools to play some games with the kids that are there being looked after (it’s holidays at the moment). The game we took to them this week was called Belly Bumpers. Basically it’s a huge blow up tire thing that goes around their waist and they try to bump each other out of a designated area. Pretty fun! Although I forgot just how much energy kids have, and by Friday I was completely exhausted. We have it for one more week next week, and then it’s back to normal work for us.

Holly and I also went to 3D Radio on Thursday to do a bit of a sing-song and chit-chat. I have only been on radio once, so it was quite exciting to go back and do some stuff for them. We did a couple of songs and a bit of an interview (well, Holly did most of the talking). I’ll try and get a copy of it up on here soon…

And finally, what better way to spend a lovely autumn Saturday than to attend a wedding? Well, what about playing a few songs at a wedding?? That’s right – Holly and I were asked to play a few tunes at the wedding of Dana and Christian (not my sister) and it was absolutely lovely. We did a few covers during the actual ceremony, and then afterwards we made it outside to play a proper acoustic set under the veranda, with no amplification whatsoever. And as a little surprise, guess who we saw at the wedding?? All you Aussie BB fans, you might remember a little Adelaidian named Jo Ashton. Yeah, she was there. I love how small Adelaide is. We didn't get to say hi to her, but then again maybe she didn't want to say hi to us. Either way, it was loads of fun, and not a bad way to spend a Saturday.

As far as my health goes, I have been feeling a little under the weather, so last week I went to the hospital to get some Cipro (oral antibiotics). Since taking them, I've noticed a little bit of a change, but not a whole lot. I’m guessing that’s also due to me doing so much running around last week, when I really should be taking it a bit easy to get as healthy as possible. But we’ll see how this week goes. Maybe they’ll really kick in then.

Phew! I think that’s about all… I’ll try not to leave it quite so long next time. Holly and I are playing this Tuesday night at the Grace Emily, so if you are looking for something to do Anzac Day Eve, then do come along. It’s sure to be a great night! We’re also using it as a bit of a going away drinks for Janka, my German friend who has been here the last few months. She’s going back to the UK next week, so we’ll all miss her a bit. ☺

And just before I leave, I thought I would end with some awesome news I woke to this morning – a great cf friend of mine, Ben Sloan (some of you may know him) was on his way to Melbourne this morning to get his lung transplant. We’re all hoping for a speedy recovery!

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