Monday, October 13, 2008

Clinic, Yorkes and Spring!

A few things to get through, so let's not dilly-dally with pleasantries.

The biggest thing I should mention is that last weekend we went over to the Yorke Peninsula to Holly's parent's farm. Step (Holly's mum) was having a bit of a shin-dig for her 50th that she also decided to make a fundraiser for the Women's and Children's Hospital, and thought it would be a good idea to book the band to play down there. We had an absolute ball! I had dad's car, which makes the drive a hell of a lot easier when you have power steering. It especially made it easier since I had injured myself the week before. Oh yes, I fell off my bike and fractured my elbow. Good times... But anyhoo, the weekend was awesome, with picture perfect weather, lots of friends and a bit of relaxing as well. Was just a pity we couldn't stay longer than a couple of days.

On the day we came back, I was a bit slack and didn't do any of my nebs or physio, which led to me feeling a little bit poorly. I had clinic the next day, which proved that my lack of discipline caused a bit of a drop in lung function. A bit annoying... I still haven't really gotten any better, so I'm hoping that will turn around this week.

I'm loving the weather at the moment. True Adelaide spring weather. low to mid 20's, clear skies, and daylight savings started about a month early, which is wreaking havoc with my mobile, but I'm determined to stick it out and hopefully my calendar will sync up again. We did our first beach dinner on Saturday night, which was a blinding success. Definitely something we will have to keep doing regularly. We had our first bbq of the season last week as well. It's the type of weather where you just want to be out doing stuff, even if it's nothing exciting.

Things on the Cookie front are getting a bit exciting. Album is coming out on 1st of November, but for the eager beavers, you can actually pre-order a copy of the cd from (and that includes anywhere overseas). She is also the featured artist on the MusicSA site, which you can have a gander at Not too many gigs coming up as we really want to relax before the madness starts in Dec, however we are supporting Epicure at the UniBar on November the 7th, which should be a blast! Haven't seen those guys before, and I'm really liking their stuff. AND I think tix are only $15, so no real excuses not to come along. :)

I'm pretty sure that's it. Oh, the boys (cats) had their first experience in catching a bird today. I was sitting in the lounge room and heard this really awful shriek, and first thought something was wrong with one of the boys. Then i realised that they were chasing a disabled bird that couldn't fly throughout the house. I picked it up, took it outside and threw it in the air to see if it was actually broken (which it was), and then watched the boys run up to it thinking that it would be destroyed in the next 10 seconds. I was wrong... the boys just kept going up to it, sniffing it, giving it the occasional wack on the noggin, and then just watched it. When the bird realised that it was pretty safe and not going to be eaten, it went under a fence into the next door neighbours back yard. Stupid cats...

Rating: 6.0

What I'm listening to: Cookie Baker - Gala Day