Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Cloudy downtown

cloudy downtown
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Well, I've finally put up some pictures. I'll post one here, but you can see them all on the website. Just go to and I think you can see them from there...

Well, I'm now in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island and it's so nice out here. Lots of trees and good views to be had. The family I'm staying with are awesome, and I've been getting many good meals as well as a comfy comfy bed.

Now that I've sort of settled down and doing some normal living, I've been able to do alot more physio and it's definately helping. I'm not nearly as juicy as I was before, and I'm starting to feel good again. Being at the hostel is kinda hard to do all that stuff, just because there's no where really to do it in the building, and it's usually freezing outside after the sun goes down. Excuses excuses excuses...

And being typical me, I forgot to get my Pulmozyme from the fridge at the hostel before I left, so here's hoping they haven't chucked it out.

But yeah, this one isn't going to be long. Have to get to bed. But check out the piccies if you want. Or not. I really don't care. Do whatever you want.

Rating: 7.5

What did the cannibal have for lunch?
Baked beings on toast.

Friday, August 26, 2005


I'm so sorry everyone. I got so caught up in my own little things that I totally forgot to say how well "Yarn!" went the other night. I feel really bad...

Aynwho, the night started off with a little stressing trying to get everything organised. And to totally backfire on us, our "8:30pm sharp start" made it so that we had to keep people from coming in because we weren't ready. So I apologise for that! But after that little hiccup the night went off swimmingly! By the end of the night we had about 220 people through the doors, of which I only knew about a third of them. So that was just totally amazing.

LeighStarDust got the night kicking with her music the way only Leigh can. Then 2 of the 4 Dairy Brothers took to the stage with some rockin' acoustic tunes. And finally The Audreys finished with a set that had everyone cheering for more. The night as a whole though was just so overwhelming. So many people, which then meant so much money! I'm only going to announce how much was made because I want to know that the people who put in their effort definately made it worth while. We did around $3400, which was way more than I had been expecting, so again, a HUGE thank you to all those who came and helped by giving me some money!

And not to forgot of course all those who helped out throughout the night, inlcuding door bitches, food stall people, raffle ticket people and general harassing people! Thanks so much again. I really couldn't have done it without you. And not to mention the wonderful Ms. Cookie Baker, which of course did most of the organising of all the important stuff. Thanks Ballsac!

Well, I'm leaving it here. That's enough. Just quickly though - went swimming today at the beach, went for a huge walk, had some can soup, and tonight I'm going on a ghost tour. Oooh, scary. Ben and Alley - let's see if I can get some ghosts captured on film - "Most Haunted" style!

Rating very quickly because I have to get off - 7.5

Sorry, no joke for today. But possibly tomorrow...

Thursday, August 25, 2005

$1 pizza slices - heaven for Jaan

I'm sooo happy that I've found a cheap meal. There are so many places downtown that hvae $1 pizza slices, and they're pretty big. So for $3 you can get two slices and can of 'pop'. Not bad at all hey? I thought it was pretty good anyway...

So things are slowly starting to setlle down. I'm used to my smallish bed, and my roommates are changing every night. I guess what you're meant to do is stay for one or two nights then move on. What am I doing staying for a whole week?! Oh well. Last night was spent in the dining area watching 3 boys from Seskatchewan chugging down beer while playing cards for aobut 5 hours. Quite amusing. They must have gone through a couple of cases. Not bad stuff.

And some good news - I got my neb out of its case thingy. YAY!!! Now I can do my nebs. It's been so frustrating not being able to. But I think the exercise is helping quite a bit as I haven't done my nebs or too much physio, yet surprisingly I'm quite dry. I don't know why that is, but I'm guessing its all the walking around I've been doing.

So I'm going to talk to a couple of other backpackers and see what there is to do in this crazy town. I'm still waiting on the cf rep here to meet up with her, but apart from that no other real plans. I might go to a hill or something to walk up.

I went to the post office today and found out that it's pretty easy to send over the meds to Montreal. I just need to include a doc note with it. But that's going to be interesting - bringing a suitcase of drugs into town with me on the bus. Oh well, good times!

Either way, ah ha. :) Stay well all, and I'm sure I'll post something again real soon.

And now for our rating. Why, it's a big fat 7.23.

What do you get if you cross a cow with an American city?
Moo York.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

First night in Vancouver

I arrived at the hostel yesterday afternoon in a taxi where the driver was quite keen to tell me his knowledge of the city on camera. The hostel is very nice - beautiful building with a great view of the mountains and right on the beach. It's about 20 mins away from the city though, so I'll have to figure out how to get there today to buy some stuff.

My neb is stuck in its plastic holding, so I haven't been able to to any nebs since yesterday afternoon. I'm very annoyed. Hopefully I can get it out soon, otherwise I don't know what I'll do. Let's just hope for the best on that one.

The weather here is very nice too. Low twenties during the day, and nights are quite cool, which is good because the dorms get very hot during the day with the sun shining right into it. Had some crazy dreams last night, but I'm thinking that's due to the sleepness night before mixed in with a very warm room, no food in my stomach and maybe some crazy drugs thrown in.

Anywawy, I should get off here and go out and see some more of loverly Canadia. Take care all and see you soon.

And the rating for today is...

6.5 (still quite tired and probably due to no nebs)

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

jaanie touches down! (in l.a. that is)

yes, that is true. i have arrived in the city of angels. and its a loverly sunny day. about 23 i reckon. beautiful! a pity im not staying longer. my plane for vancouver leaves in about half an hour me reckons, so not long till im out of the us of a. but im already getting quite pissed off with the keyboareds they have here. horrendous! enough of that.

the flight to sydney was quite rough and not the smoothest flight ive had. the one to la though was quitenice. really smooth, but i didnt get much ssleep. about 3 hours all up i rekon. not to worry, ill cath upo with that soon. la is cool - american cars everywhere, american people,some greasy greasy food. oooh, my lunch was awesome! a big fat hotdog with chili mince sauce, cheese, and a big fat coke. and i bought about 4 chocolate bars that ive seen in movies and tv shows. just to see what they taste like.

health ois going quite good. i did a bit iof physio on the plane, but not too much. the porta neb o=works a treat. but in at the airport i got a good dose of physio in, outside in a little garden area. very nice .eveyone was looking at me thought like i was doing some heavy drugs. funny stuff.

ive also done a bi of filming. not sure if its any good, but im slowly getting used to talking to the camera and its slowly beccoming my frind. so i guess thast good. but it could quie possibly be very boring...

and the biggest thing i was worried about (my drugs) hasnt caused one little hiccup at all. sydney they wanted to have a brief look at them and a glance at my doc letter, but that was it. even in la they didnt really care. dont get me wrong, its all goood but i was kindalooking forward to getting interogated. maybe nexdt time...

anywho, when i get a proper keyboard and proper net acess ill maajke sure to post something better andmaybe do aa couple of emails. but until then, will see you all in net land very soon...

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Clinic update

Far out, I deserve a medal. It's been less than a week and I've put up another post. Fantastic if what?? Anywho, I had clinic on Tuesday so I thought I should update everyone on the latest from the doc's office.

I had the usual lung function, and I was very eager to see what that came up with. I ran out of the Ambrotose a couple of weeks ago, so that's probably why I haven't been feeling the best as well. But since getting some more late last week, things have already improved. My cough has increasingly dried up and I'm not quite as short of breath. I was also interested to see if my change of routine for Pulmozyme had any effect. But I'm happy to report that my lung function has gone up another 1% to 67%. Not too bad at all, especially considering how lousy I was feeling a couple of weeks ago.

At the clinic I made sure to do all the things I needed for my trip, such as get doctors letters for the meds, a list of hospitals and clinics I should go to if need be, order my 4 months worth of meds - that's going to be interesting when I pick them up next week. It'll give me some sort of idea of how much room it's going to take up in my luggage. I rang Qantas yesterday and it looks like it's going to be tough to be able to bring them all on board. I'm going to try and sweet talk them though, and we'll see how far it goes...

So yeah, I'm really feeling alot better I'm happy to say, and the trip is now starting to become a reality. I have my ticket in paper, my passport in hand and some nice little vouchers from STA for paying them to take me around the world. The planning for the fundraiser is going swimmingly, and it looks like it's going to be really big. So all you who can get down there, make sure you do so early in the night to get every chance you can to win one of the many fantastic prizes!

I feel a rating coming on... and it's a big fat 8.5

What do you get if you cross a kangaroo with a lamb?
A little woolly jumper.